Welcome to the Cantina!

I had this great idea…

What if you took our Tortilla Press concept…that is, fresh food made to order with Mexican influenced herbs and spices…excellent value with meals priced reasonably…and then you added margaritas made with fresh limes bursting with tart richness?

Tortilla Press Cantina is that idea come to full, bursting life.

Now it’s yours to savor and enjoy…the tangy ceviche, tender meats and home made sauces, soups and desserts. All laid out in a restaurant and bar as sunny and colorful as you’ll find anywhere.

My incredibly talented staff and I are all pretty happy with this gem of a restaurant…
I promise you will be too.

Make your reservations by calling us at 856-356-2050!

In the mood for BYO?
Visit the original Tortilla Press in Collingswood.


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